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  • కథలు
    విద్యాలయము బ్లాగ్ పొడుపు కథలు కథా సుధ ఆరాధన ఈనాడు కథలు
  • పత్రికలు
    కొత్తపల్లి జాబిల్లి ఫర్ కిడ్స
  • పజ్ల్స్ & ఈ - లెర్నింగ్
    కిడ్స్ వన్ ఈనాడు హాయ్ బుజ్జి
  • పాఠశాల వార్షికోత్సవ సందడి
    వార్షికోత్సవము 2016 వార్షికోత్సవము 2015 వార్షికోత్సవము 2014 వార్షికోత్సవము 2013 ఉగాది వేడుకలు దసరా సంబరాలు అమ్మమ్మగారు అమెరికా ప్రయాణం
  • What is the goal of Paatasala?
    Paatasala GOAL is to have your child read, write, understand and speak TELUGU but not to become a Telugu poet.
  • How many students are there in Paatasala as of today?
    For the current year: Paatasala has 248-students (1st class to 4th class), 29-locations, 38-Teachers, 4-Mentors, 13-Admin members, and apart from this each section has one to two home room parents.
  • How the classes run this year?
    This year, the classes will be conducted ONLINE due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What is the minimum age to register?
    The child must complete 6 years by September 2020 or in Grade 1st to register.
  • Is there any monthly FEE for this class?
    No, it is absolutely free, and all our team members and teachers are passionate Telugu parents volunteers.
  • Can I submit one single form if I have more than one child?
    No, submit a separate form for each child if you have more than one.
  • As a parent, how much time should I spend with my child?"
    The parent must commit 15 minutes for a minimum of 4 days a week to help your child with their homework.
  • Are the teachers certified in Telugu?
    No, all our Teachers are passionate Telugu Parents Volunteers who would like to give something to our community and to our language.
  • Are the teachers paid to teach Telugu?
    No, all our Teachers are passionate Telugu Parents Volunteers who would like to give something to our community and to our language.
  • Who are the admin team?
    All our Admin Team members are also Parents Volunteers to uplift our TELUGU language and to keep our roots to grow.
  • Is Paatasala needed in volunteers?
    Yes, Paatasala is always in need of volunteers like YOU to run this non-profit organization and to serve our TELUGU community.
  • If I register my child, should I commit for any volunteer time?"
    Yes, every registered parent must commit to serve as a volunteer to Paatasala at least a minimum of 20 Hours in any activity during the calendar year.
  • I do not have time to spend with my child in helping their HW, still can I register?"
    This is not a right course for your child, if you are not able to help in their weekly homework, as it is not their primary language.
  • How much pressure I have to put on my child for their HW?
    As a parent, Paatasala strongly recommends, do not put pressure on your child as it is not their primary language, but encourage them to understand the importance of TELUGU, our culture and its benefits.
  • Does a parent should know to read and write Telugu before registering a child?
    If you cannot read/write/speak Telugu, please contact one of the Paatasala team members and they will guide you on further steps or send an email to
  • As a parent, can I register myself to learn Telugu?"
    Yes, you are and there are no age restrictions to learn our language and culture.
  • My child had attended Paatasala in the past, in that case should I go for NEW registration?"
    No, please contact one of our Paatasala admin team for further details or send an email to
  • My child can read, write and speak Telugu, in which case in which class he/she is eligible to join?"
    The child can join in at an appropriate level followed by an assessment entrance test which will be held in the last week of August. Level wise criteria to get into: 2nd Class: Must be at least 7 years old and should be able to construct simple sentences using words like PAALU, CHEVI, and AAKULU, and write the dictation in AKSHARALU correctly. Should also know weekdays and numbers from 1 to 20. 3rd Class: Must be at least 8 years old and should be able to construct simple sentences with words like NAVVU, JINKA, AAVULU and correctly read and write small words with GUNINTHALU. Should also know numbers, weekdays, and month names in Telugu. 4th Class: Must be at least 8 years old and should be able to construct simple sentences with words like NAVVU, JINKA, AAVULU and, read and write sentences. Should also know numbers, weekdays, and month names in Telugu.
  • When will be the Entrance Test date for new students who can already write and read Telugu?
    Once the new registration is completed, you will receive an email with all the details and the test will be around 3rd or 4th week of August.
  • When will be the class location allocation decided?
    Release of Class location allocation Form will be sent around 4th week of August.
  • When will the New registration last?
    The Registrations closing date is end of August
  • When will I receive my child’s Teacher Information?
    The Teacher Information will be shared with the parents in 1st week of September.
  • When will be the teacher parent connection date?
    Teacher parent’s connection day is 2nd week of September.
  • When will I receive my child class material?
    The distribution of class Material to the Teachers and Parents is around September 2nd week.
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  • How to sign up for volunteering?
    You can send an email with your interest to The volunteering organizer will contact you and identify a suitable opportunity for you.
  • What support will I get?
    Paatasala team and previously volunteered parents are always ready to provide help and guidance. Further, our team created documents for all roles and volunteering opportunities which can assist you with tasks.
  • Will volunteering cost me anything?
    Paatasala looking to utilize only valuable time and skills from the volunteers to providing best learning experience for kids. If you come across any expenses while planning the volunteering activity please inform treasurer before you spend, he/she will provide the funds if it is approved with in the budget.
  • I don’t have much time, can I still volunteer?"
    Most of the volunteering opportunities are expected a maximum 1-2 hours per week, and some are event based opportunities which requires your time during the event planning and execution phase. You can pick the activity that is suitable for your schedule. All parents are requested to spend minimum of 2-3 hours volunteering time in a year.
  • Can kids get volunteer hours if they want to volunteer?
    Paatasala has volunteering opportunities for both middle and high school kids, most of them are available during the Paatasala events like annual picnic, anniversary celebration etc. Kids can log these hours for school volunteering needs.
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  • Do we need to have prior teaching experience?
    No, you don’t need any teaching experience.
  • Do we need to have any certification in teaching?
    No certification is required for teaching, you should know read write and speak telugu.
  • How many hours do I have to put in a year?
    40 to 50 hours in a year
  • How many students will be assigned to me?
    If you have co-teacher then 10-12 students will be assigned and if you are teaching alone 6-8 students will be assigned
  • Can I take off for one week or so due to personal reasons.
    Yes, you can take off but possibly we would need prior notice so that substitute can be arranged or so.
  • Is teaching material is provided?
    Yes, year long teaching material will be provided.
  • Do we need to decide what homework should be assigned every week?
    No, year long predesigned homework assignments will be provided.
  • Do we need to prepare the test paper or that will be provided?
    No, test papers are also predesigned.
  • Where the classes will be conducted?
    For teacher’s convenience usually classes occur at teachers place but if it’s not possible we ask one of the parents to come forward to volunteer their house for classes
  • Do I need to commit for all four years as a teacher?
    It’s preferred but you have always choice to take break due to your personal reasons at anytime.
  • On which day and what time classes will be?
    Paatasala recommended time is every Sunday from 5-6pm. But if it’s not working for teacher and parents, they can schedule according to their convenience.
  • Whom should I contact if there is a problem in th class?
    Your respective class coordinator
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